Vintage Large Oval Shape Budweiser King Of Beers On Tap Sign No.013-310:

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The following is stamped or marked on the item: On the front of the picture/sign: Budweiser King Of Beers On Tap St. Louis. On the back: KCS Industries Inc. 5111 South 9th Street Milwaukee Wisconsin 53221. Anheuser Busch Inc. St. Louis, MO U.S.A. Item # 013-310. The picture is a dark brown outer frame with a print/lithographic picture. This is a very solid hard plastic framed piece with a clear center piece it's all oval shaped the design/pattern is printed on to the oval center piece the back piece is a oval pressed wood piece. On the top area it has on the back a manufactures hole that hangs it up. There are very few small scratch/scuff mark's. There is black tape wrapped around the outer frame. I don't want to take off. It's not very noticeable. Please zoom in for details. Just normal wear nothing bad nor major. I used a damp cloth to clean it up I did not rub or scrub it just wiped it off I did not want to hurt the outer finish/coating. Measures 31.5" by 21.5"

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