Vintage 1970s Framed Porcelain (2) Ornate Wall Plaques by FRAGONARD 4"x 8"

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Victorian Style - Porcelain Oval Frame with Concave Glass ~ 2 beautiful wall plaques with center Courting Couple Cameo Pictures each with the signature "FRAGONARD".
Measurements: Approx. 10" x 8", Center: 3"
Labeled: On each is a paper label with the same description as follows: Order No. 9418....Item No. 8295-01-W81....9/10/72...Pattern: 1300.....Size 6x6....Finish Lin.3011, Print Title Brass/Tile/Avo
Condition: Pre-owned in good vintage condition with normal signs of wear such as hairline cracks on the frames (however, the frames are still very sturdy), wear to the gold paint on the frames, wear to the paper on the back of the frames