Vintage 14k Gold & Glass Charm with Metal Flakes Inside

$ 149.99

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This vintage glass bottle charm or small pendant has a 14k yellow gold cap and substantial size jump ring or bale. The ring/bale is marked 14k, the cap is unmarked, but both test positive for 14k gold. The bottle is capped shut and does not open.

The charm measures approximately 1" tall from the bottom of the glass to the top of the stationary ring on top of the gold cap. The additional bale/jump ring is just over 1/4" long.

Condition is excellent with no damage or repairs. Total weight of the charm is 2.5 grams.

I wouldn't be surprised if the tiny flakes or shavings contained within the bottle turned out to be gold but I can't guarantee it because they have not been tested. The bottle does not open so it has not been verified. Althouth they Look Gold to me....

Pendant is $149 an 18 inch diamond cut rope can be added for an additional  $75 (pictured)