Collectible I Love Lucy Teapot European Vacation

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We have a nice Collectible I Love Lucy Ceramic teapot depicting when the gang went on their European Vacation ,the teapot is shaped like a round valise with luggage tags that depict the countries they visited, on one side are tags for Britain, Italia and Paris and a picture of them when they were in the Paris fashion show, when they were wearing the potato sack dresses and horse feed buckets for hats.The other side depicts Lucy's Italian Movie stomping grapes in Turo, Italy and when they were in Monte Carlo, the colors are browns, tan and a chocolate brown, the teapot is in excellent condition, brand new I would say. The bottom is stamped with the I Love Lucy Logo with trademarks of CBS and permission of Desilu Studios etc etc.. The measurements are 10" from handle to bottom 9' from spout to back.